Friday, April 5, 2013

March 17th - April 5th

So Cute!

peanut butter toast!
helping dada put away his books

zipping up his tent

future doctor?

he was taking self portraits with the camera

he was actually helpful while putting together his toy shelf!

we took some of his toys upstairs for him, he really liked having them in his room, so much so that he dragged them out into the hall.

on the rings at the gym, really getting his feet off the ground and swinging

being so good on the airplane!

playing on Grandma Julie's rock

crashed out on the couch

learning about the Mississippi river

Play time with Dada

Nem's (M&M's) bribe to stop kicking the seat on the airplane.

glad to be home with all his Cars
late, but still fun and good, Easter!

hiding in the grass at Bev's house

strawberry time!
fabulous paper!