Saturday, July 20, 2013

June 23rd - July 20th

Petting his doggy

Talking to the flowers

Playing with Judah

Playing with his flashlight 

Playdate at Judah's

Hanging Mater from the dog kennel by his tow hook. 

He found a spy glass! Kinda.... 

Tent in the living room

Having some M's, a little lost in the sugary goodness

Don't dump out those blocks Liam.... Mama, they is gonna be dumped! *CRASH*

Poking water with a stick

Mango popcicle and still in pajamas in the afternoon. Lazy Days are great!! 

My handsome guy

Having milk and a story with Grandma Ecca
Planting peas
Looking at the robin's nest. I took it down from the tree for him once all the birds had been gone for a long time.
Lunch! (The only pic I got this day, we were BUSY!)
Playing with Spiderman, I love his concentration
Blueberry picking
"Mama, take a picture of my eye!" .... "Ok sweetie. Show me your eye." (This is what he gave me.)
Carousel at a little fair in McMinnville
Under the bouncer
Talking to Nym on the bed
At the dentist he gets to sit on the leopard. (No cavities! )
Getting to do the monkey bars with a little help
Yup, he still does this! 
Serious face while dumping water
Liam can now do 24+ piece puzzles with NO help at all as long as they are characters he is familiar with so he can find their parts.