Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 15th - October 5th

He played hard

Of course, THIS is the ONE picture I get of him this day.

Weirdness. It happens.

Helping me pick grapes

Birthday Party fun

He woke up and helped me put away the dishes

Goofy grin boy!

A twisted pile of NO

My camera thought that the toy was the main focus, so did Liam.

He loves this toy! I couldn't even get a picture without it!

Telling me a story about his day.

All ready for the parade

Sunglasses inside!

Less than thrilled about dinner and a grape juice mustache.

Classy on a trike


Enjoying Fall


Yup, same pajamas, different day, new art project. Weekends are good times to be lazy.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

August 11th - September 14th

Teaching Aunt Amy all about Cars
Buckle up!

trying on his uniform

Mr. McGrumpersons
Story time!
The fine art of finding the leg of the pants

I think the uniform is why he wanted to quit tae kwon do

You can tell when its been a busy day, sleeping pics!

All ready to go, but he forgot shoes!

A fun way to have dinner

A break in the hose led to some fun times

A bit sad that he can not figure out how the remote works

Hair cut!

Showing off his swing skills on the playground

Trampoline fun

He thought I was going to tell him to put the beater blade down, but no. That is half the fun of making a cake!

Birthday party goof off

Is there any room for Liam in there?

Lego contemplation

First day of school!

Doing some reading on his Leap Pad

Checking out Evie's new doll

Popcicle time!

Telling me about school


Morning on the trampoline

He is getting close to reading, he knows a few words.