Monday, April 7, 2014

March 17th - April 7th

Kinda mad it was raining this day

Liam was veeery concerned about what the guys who were working on the road were doing

Ever so carefully picking up spikey tree balls. He was a little afraid of them.

hard at work with the tricycle

stacking wood for dada

exploring his own garden

not really caring that he was getting eaten by the couch

talking to me about rocks at the river

really really mad that the rainbow was fading away

super amazed that dada got a special cake

lining up the Cars cars

Liam and his little pink copy cat

silly dada time

proof that he can be adorable beyond all reason

king of the garden!

movie time

being a trooper. We thought he had a piece of wood stuck in his finger where he had stabbed it with a pencil, so we went to the doctor. turned out it was just packed with mud.

amazed at water color

happy about his new mud shoes. I swore I would never let my child wear crocs, but we needed shoes we could be filthy in

explaining to me that this is dada, and this is Evie and they are coloring

landy-lion picking (his way of saying dandelion)

mud walk turned mud bath

Monday, March 17, 2014

February 16th - March 16th

look at the trucks mama!

waking up

playing with his valentines gifts

what happens when he SHOULD be asleep

grating cheese for lunch

silly bed time play time

the cause of the stuffed animal explosion

jumping like a frog

getting a treat, frozen yogurt and a gummi worm

afternoon nap

another day when he zonked out early

not awake yet
the look I get when I say "please don't pull those all down"

lego work

lego and lollipop

tired afternoon


he is a good climber

trying to get stuck

a moment at the skating rink. No, he didn't put on skates
snack time

at the park with Oliver

another park, another ride on toy

helping me bake banana bread

more lego assembly!

what he puts up with

Saturday, February 15, 2014

January 18th - February 15th

Cheese Moustache

Pointing at toys we missed during pick up

Refusing to look at me, because he had a boo boo

rocking out

Watching Evie sleep

Wearing the hat I made for Grandpa Dave

Sleeping away an ice storm

Tantruming away an ice storm

Up late reading

Warning Evie that I was taking a picture

Seeing a children's show with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Muddy after making seed balls