Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 10th - 22nd

See Saw time!

Giving in and giving him the ring pop in his birthday goodie bag

at the stone depot climbing on the rocks

working on his Duplo skills

MUFFIN TIME! Liam with his new friend Judah

Mama's iPhone being a distraction in the ER. Liam konked his head and knocked himself out for a few seconds. But he is fine.

Happy Father's Day! 

water play time

Getting a hug from Judah, and giving one back. 

A quiet afternoon

Pirate ship fun time! 

more water splashy time! 

Hose and kiddee pool in the yard with Judah. They both ended up soaked and muddy and  totally thrilled about it all! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

May 4th - June 9th

grass is cool
playground fun
wet, muddy, and totally happy
being silly
pretending to sleep on the couch cushions in front of the door (we were cleaning the couch out, so we moved them)
box fort!
yup, its summer alright
they both love the back of the couch
first pair of scissors!
king of the playground
seeing an otter at the zoo, I love the look on his face
a bit worn out, watching a show
hanging on the bars at the gym
pool time!
being weird
petting a bearded dragon
balance beam over the foam pit
one of the last pictures of Liam and his buddy Orrin.  O moved away. 
STOP BITING YOUR NAILS LIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this my saw mama!
pancake time
marrionberry empanada at the farmers market
I am not a junglegym! But he thinks my legs are good bars
Liam and Blondie having an adventure
Playing at a park in Grants Pass
Trying to drag out getting back in his seat for the ride home
restaurant coloring book while waiting for breakfast
helping us clean up the yard for his party
drumming on his little slide with a twig
happy birthday Liam! You did well sharing your new toys with your friend!
finding the good toys at Nana Judy's 
This is Liam getting his foot bandaged after he bit off his pinky toe nail.  I hope he learned his lesson. And I mean OFF off, not just down to the quick. The nail is GONE. 
enjoying some sun and water
playing with new birthday toys
this is mischief trapped in a human body
trampoline fun at a friends house
looking too dang cute for words at Pearl's birthday party