Wednesday, June 25, 2014

May 7th - June 24th

Washing the car

Planting a little volunteer squash I found growing INSIDE a butternut squash

First watermelon of the summer

In the big bed, together. for three seconds.

Park fun

Lego time

More lego time!

Helping to clean up

A rare mommy and Liam pic!

Story time with Grandma Ecca

Happy Birthday!

The guy are trying to nap, Evie has other ideas
Last Day of School picnic

Junk Mail JOY!

Washing windows

his first sleeping bag!

Trip to OMSI with Grandpa Dave

A bit bummed that Evie snagged the tricycle and he only got the ride on car

Chocolate croissant!

at Art a'la Carte for a friends birthday party

Unwrapping a birthday gift

Getting hugged