Sunday, September 22, 2013

August 18th - September 22nd

Liam has more fun with Evie's birthday gifts than she does!

Eating a tomato

About to smack a pinata

Raking. Dirt. In rain boots.... Yup. That's my boy!

I think he likes the lemon bars I made! 

A good time with friends

In the waiting area of Sweet Tomato's, he had just finished yelling and hearing it echo "My mouth is really loud!" he said to me!

Big Smiles!

Helping me clean up

Helping me can peaches

Having a quiet moment with his blankie

His first movie in the theater. We had to occasionally remind him to blink. 

Getting his foot stuck in a bucket

Waiting for lunch

Drawing a message for Evie for her birthday

Watering his truck

Saying bye to Dada before we took off for CA for a couple weeks

Saying hi to a statue


Playing with Michelle and Evie

At the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. With his very own ice cream cone!

Walking on a fallen redwood at Big Basin

Making new friends! 
New playground!

Drawing for Dada

Finishing up a bagel from The Bagelry! 

Being a good super hero

No WAY would I bribe my kid with M&M's to behave in the car. Not ME! no way! Now look the other way while I wipe that M&M stuff off his face! 

At his school picnic

Just being Liam

Adventure time with Dada

Chalking the sidewalk

Kinda tired out

Window Markers!!!!!! 

Looking sweet, for now!