Saturday, January 17, 2015

October 6th - 12th

Somehow, in the insanity that is life, I missed a few days. I had pictures, but they never made it to here! So, we're going back in time to October 6th, 2014.

Falling asleep

fun at the river

snuggle time

helping mama make scrambled eggs

My sleepy Cars fan!

ooooooh, shiny! at a rock and gem show

A boy and his dog

Saturday, January 3, 2015

November 26th - January 3rd 2015

My little monkey

Still a monkey!

 Lazy weekend on the couch

Playing with cars

Thinking about something important

No mama, no camera today.  Must respect the No


The playpen mattresses are lots of fun!

A bit of coloring

Smiling behind his blanket

Having a little fun helping me clean the house

Building us a new house

Silly smiles

Play time with Dada

Helping with dinner

A bit bummed that its so cold


Super Duper happy he got to help me decorate the tree

Talking to Iron Man at bed time

Exploring something amazing at the Children's Museum

Not wanting to wear Grandpa's hat

Playing Santa and handing out gifts

He has a block, and he's not afraid to use it!

Very serious about his Curious George Christmas Special

The only smile he would give me, he was too busy playing at Christmas Eve morning breakfast

Christmas Morning!

Puzzles with Grandma

New leap pad games are always fun

More puzzles with Grandma, she is the best at puzzles!

Peeling carrots for dinner

He is on another puzzle kick

He was jumping up and down all excited for New Years, yet he was asleep by 7:30

Happy Guy!

Falling asleep on the floor

Lego time with Dada