Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 13th - 29th

Checking out a play kitchen
Learning about coins that his Grandpa Dave filled his pockets with
So big and so small at the same time
I respect your right to protest the many ills of modern society, but we're running late and you need to wear pants. - The Bear
Oooooh, My Dollar!
My balloon sitter
Just being weird
Helping me make the crust for a cheesecake

sneaking bites of graham crackers

Happy Thanksgiving! (Liam is thankful for Cars!)

Fingerpainting fun


Stuck in a box

Helping mommy pick out colors for our Christmas gifts

Painting ceramics

Laying down to check out stuff on the floor

Playtime in a couch tent!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 3rd - 12th

showing Evie his ball
hiding in the bushes at the park. he kept backing into them and looking confused
doing a puzzle
tree peeking
showing Orrin dada's computer
box wrecking!
picking stickers for our Christmas cards
Liam got a temporary tattoo from the Navy guys at our local Veteran's Day parade, he decided it went on his tummy!
some Styrofoam stabbing

Saturday, November 3, 2012

October 23rd - November 2nd

Being cute
Hot Wheels in Halloween Play-dough
Finishing up the Halloween postcards
The absurdity of a 2 year old is just so cute! Duplo box hat and no shirt
This day was a day in which Liam refused to look at the camera, but he did stand on a stool to watch a kids show. Priorities, you know.
Playing outside the farmers market
This is how you do pumpkin "carving" when you are two, with a hammer and some nails!
Farmer Liam helping me cook the last of the Ka-Pops (brussels sprouts) You can see the video here (
He was throwing a ball, very happy to get to throw something that he didn't get in trouble for throwing!
The best way to watch a movie is using your doggy for a pillow.