Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 29th - 31st - Puppies and Crayons!

These last few days we kept close to home. I had Forest in the afternoons, so the mornings we went to the gym and then did some shopping and came home to nap and then played here in the afternoon.

 One day Liam and Nym had fun with the giant ball. Note the small doggy nose poking through!

The next day Liam decided to try and feed Nym her food. He pushed her from the food and then handed her a kibble. One. At. A. Time.

And today we had a little coloring time! Liam got to try out some crayons! He was more interested in grabbing all the crayons up and hanging onto them, but he did do some scribbling.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 25th - 28th Tomato, park, yakisoba, picnic!

Liam has had a very busy weekend!

He tried some tomatoes and was not to excited about the idea. This is his "oh, ugh, what did they put in my mouth?" face.

We also did a trip to the park with Daddy, and the two of them went down a big slide!

Liam got his first taste of japanese food with some yakisoba and gyoza. He had a good time and liked the food, but he was unsure how to eat the noodles. He tried very hard to get them in his mouth.

And this Sunday was the family picnic that my cousins mom Barbera puts on every year. Lots of kids, fun and oodles of jell-o based desserts and some other fun food. Liam found the water spigot and some squirt guns and empty cups to play with. This was AFTER playing in the dust, then turning the dust to mud and get totally filthy. It was a perfect summer day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22nd - 24th -- New Toys, sitting with daddy, chillin' on the phone

Sitting and playing on the couch with daddy.

hanging out on the floor with the phone.

om nom nom giraffe! 

I love these Little People toys. they are so cute and so fun. he will be able to enjoy them for years. I want more!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 18th - 21st -- Parks and Baths and Bowls

So, I am getting lazy with the Daily Liam. I will try to update it more frequently! I have been changing a lot of things lately and I am having to remanage my time and reset when I do things.

Liam was enjoying a little snuggle time on my tummy while we played. He likes coming over to me when I lay down and climbing on me. I guess if you think about it, every mammal crawls on their mom and dad. Or for the sea dwelling ones, does something equivalent. It is sweet and all, until he tries to crawl on my head and I get a diaper to the face.

Liam is learning a bit more about how life works, he now tries to dry his hair with the towel and he also brushes his hair (kinda) when he gets a brush. It is so sweet to see him try to do things on his own.

Liam loves the sound of his voice and loves finding ways to make it sound different. This was in the sun room which echoes enough on its own, but he also added a plastic bowl and ran around yelling into his bowl and holding it onto his head.

Yes, this is the same outfit, but a different day. That last picture was taken before bed time when I had JUST put it on him and it was hot and he wore it as pajamas. They were clean enough in the morning so I saw no reason to change him since we were just going to go get dirty at the gym and then the park. He doesn't care, and its one less thing for me to wash.

We spent a good hour at a new park our renter Darcy showed us after a little bit at the gym. There is a toddler sized play area with no hugs gaps in it, a smaller slide and some ABC play boards. Liam climbed up the stairs and debated going down the slide, but decided that he would go down the slide on the other side after he climbed up it.

I will have to make a park day in our schedule. He had so much fun there. Though he did take off for the big kid playground and got mad when I said no, we are not going down the much steeper and much bigger slide!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 13th - 17th - Fun times and crackers

This last week has been crazy. My mom was in town and we ran around all over and did so many fun things! It was good to see her.

We had some lazy moments in the days... Somehow I see this happening in 13 years with a video game in one hand and a Mt. Dew in the other hand. 

We went to my cousin Alexis' graduation party. Hope she doesn't mind being called a cousin, she just about is!!!! Liam played in the garden there and had a grand time with a wind chime.

We played outside on my birthday, where Liam decided to see what dandelion fluff tasted like. He was amused.

Liam and Nym played hard and napped hard as well. This was in the middle of some paper towel destruction action.

And today I must have left Liam's highchair too close  to the shelf, because he grabbed his shoe and began merrily stuffing it with whole wheat ritz crackers. You can not see the crackers, nor the pile of crumbs I shook out of the shoe moments later.

Quick Note!

I know I am behind on TDL... that is ok, more will come soon.

But this is for all of you out there with family and friends who also want to be getting TDL... If you look at the main blog site ( there is a Follow By E-mail section right at the top right hand side of the page.

That way, you can either add people, or show them how to add themselves.

I am overjoyed that this delivery method of TDL is reaching so many of my family and friends! I love knowing that you all want to see my sweet little boy.

Thanks for giving me the drive to keep taking pictures of him and posting them for you all.

See you all later today with some new pictures!

Friday, August 12, 2011

August 9th - 12th - Cousins and Blueberries

Cousin Preston came back to spend some time with us before heading back to Colorado. He needs to come back to live in Portland!!! Liam showed off his Giant Cardboard Box!

The next day we met up with Nichole and her girls at the Japanese Gardens where Liam walked ALL over the place with them before stopping to rest on the bench.

 Liam and I went to pick blueberries with Grandma Ecca (That's Rebecca in baby talk...) where Liam discovered where his favorite berry comes from and learned how to eat them right off the bush!!! He ate so many blueberries that day, at one point giving up on picking them from the bush and just grabbing them out of the buckets. He had so many that the next day he did not want to eat ANY blueberries! I hope this changes, because we had 12 pounds of blueberries. Some of which we just made into jam....

And some of which got made into blueberry pie the next day, which I think passed the test of Yummy to Liam!!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 7th and 8th - Daddys helper, Mama's rockstar

Liam and Nym did their VERY BEST to "help" Dan put up the dog run.

And Liam gave me his best Cool Guy face today!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 5th and 6th - Puppy Love

The past couple days we have been pretty busy with puppy training, Liam teaching and trying to wear them out together. I am training Nym to ride in the double stroller.

The puppy and the kiddo are getting along great. She does get nippy but we are teaching her to "Leave it" and it is working for now. She is a smart cookie.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4th, 2011 - smacking rocks

Just had a lazy day at home this day. Went outside for a while and Liam found out that a rock smacked into the brick makes a noise that he likes. Then he threw the rock into the garden and used that as an excuse to go trample on some plants and fetch his rock.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3rd 2011 - Science Room at OMSI

Today was our once a week outing as a family. We decided to head out to OMSI while the entry fee was something we could afford without thinking too hard about it. Liam had a good time seeing some of the exhibits and then we headed up to the toddler play room and WOW that was great!

Liam got to see things like wavy mirrors, balls that went shooting up tubes with air, an air stream that kept a ball suspended in air, he got to play in a mock tree and wear a little chipmunk vest. But the cutest moment was when he discovered the bells. Dan found them and brought Liam over to them and showed him how to wiggle them. Liam lit up at the jingling noise and was so full of joy.

I want to go back there every now and then as he grows and can explore more aspects of the museum. And I can not WAIT to show him the Planetarium for the first time and go to an IMAX show!

We have more pictures from the trip on Facebook.

August 2nd 2011 - Cute AND Gross

Liam is teething, and with that comes excess drool and some nose action. ALL of the pictures from this day showed this to some degree, so to be true to my son, and true to what we do every day and what we go through, I am just going to show him being cute but gross at the same time. I love him no matter what. I love him even when he is a slimy little mess.

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1st 2011 - Checking out Puppyland

Before we even brought Nym home Liam loved playing in her bed. Today I found the two of them hanging out in there with the stuffed animal I gave Nym. It was too cute!