Thursday, December 19, 2013

November 16th - December 18th

wheeew, playtime is hard work
raking dirt
being silly in Evie's chair

stick, and proud

what you CAN'T see is his arm pulled back ready to whack me with a bean bag!

brush those little teeth!

play doh fun time

taking over a dog bed at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Tractor ride with Grandpa Dave

FLYING!  (it took me about 50 pictures and him jumping a bunch of times to get this!)

"So, Liam... now that you are Superman what are you going to do?

Hanging upside down in dada's lap, playing with Planes toys

miracle! snack share!

yea, this happened. The boots, sandals and tutu were deemed "armor" by Liam. 
perched in a chair

reading some new books

he still fits in the box!

No, go away Evie, leave me alone

I wanna go outside mama!.... 30 seconds later... It's too cold mama!

sneaking proof that he eats real food sometimes

suddenly and furiously, sleep overtook Liam
tent crasher

happy playing

I was trying to take a picture of my hat, Liam had other plans

Under a box

mama and Liam on a sleigh ride

I wondered why he was not sleeping.... he was too busy reading AND he had gotten the flash light stuck to his pajamas

Why my son never sleeps... there are too many books! 

I asked him to make a happy face, this is the result

Liam being Liam. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

October 11th - November 15th

Swinging high


Afternoon Rest

swinging branches

Showing off how silly he is

taking Nym for a walk

peek a boo!

Ready for a day of school

helping me make cookies

painting a pumpkin at the Hood River Harvest Festival

Liam in a box

trying to push the wheelbarrow

washing his face in the bath

loving his airplanes and space shuttles

silly time


No mama, you're not taking my picture!


sponge animals in capsules, he liked it

Being goofy at the mall while we waited for mama's new glasses

peter pan and tinkerbell

OH NO! MAMA! Evie knocked over my tower! 

Coloring in shapes

Spontaneous nap on the couch

Not sure what is happening here, but he looks far too serious for a guy in a tire jacket with his blankkie

air guns and foam balls at Monkey King

Middle of the beanbag wrestling match, Liam stops to come grin at me. 

Hot Wheels and Princesses

This was a second after jumping on the couch like a wild animal, he flopped down and just started talking to me

Helping Nana Judy with her leaves

UH OH! Evie took my socks! 

The look we get when we ask if we can have a piece of his halloween candy

getting better at the finer details of getting dressed

Happy little guy