Tuesday, January 22, 2013

December 30th - January 22nd

He demanded we leave the gate up while he played, so Nym would stay in the room with him.
Doing the Cheerio book
Checking out the piano at the Mess house
Storms bring static to plastic playgrounds apparently!!
Helping me put the yarn in the bottle
One last new toy before we took a while off from new toys
Silly Dada! Liam's don't sit on the ceiling!!
Mama made a fishing pond
Looking so tiny in a big empty room
The mat came for the play room, it has the Liam Bean seal of approval
Contemplating hardboiled eggs
The Duo of CUTE!
Doggy play time
No baby sister is complete without STICKERS!
"Liam, show me your teeth!"  at the dentist getting a cleaning.
Helping mama make bread crumbs
Fishy play time!
Liam made himself into alphabet soup
Re-visiting his old toys that we got out for Evie
Total adorable moment, looking up after licking ice cream out of his bowl
Another day of jump house fun
relaxing with some Angry Birds