Monday, October 22, 2012

October 14th - 22nd

You mean I have DISHES?!?!
Two chairs, two different styles of "sitting"!

Falling for Fall

In the corn pit at the pumpkin patch

In the park with best friend Orrin

Sitting down after spinning himself dizzy
Play-dough face plant

Outside the Little Pink House with Evie after a Pumpkin Sundae

Liam and buddy Orrin, playing some music. I wish I could let you all hear the sound of their laughter together. Some day they will keep laughing even after I switch the camera to video.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 2nd - 13th

After a run through the hose while Mama was watering the flowers
One happy guy at the park!
It was a Cars Extra day, he got slippers and I got him some Cars fabric so I could make him a new bag for his Cars toys

Learning this trike thing

The Bubble Beard

Bubbles work better if you don't touch them to your lips, but Liam doesn't know that yet!

Working on that trike thing!

IT'S CHOCOLATE!!!! Auuugh!
Climbing high!

Helping me comfort Evie

Free Popcorn, the most important part of the apple festival.

This is my rock, I shall call him Rocky and he shall be my Rocky.

Monday, October 1, 2012

September 23rd - October 2nd

Playing under blankets on the couch on a lazy pajama wearing morning
Happy Hammock Boy!
We were counting vehicles, he can count to 5 now!
Having breakfast with Evie in his own little way.
Being Liam
Trying on Evie's fuzzy socks
Pondering his bear at the Teddy Bear Parade
Checking out a Disney Princess doll at his cousin Dotty's birthday. He had a hard time not getting in on the gift opening, so playing with the open gifts was a good middle ground.
Tossing a balloon around, a split second before letting it fly right at me!