Monday, April 2, 2012

March 18th - April 2nd

Sorry it has been so long since I updated the pictures. Life has been BUSY BUSY BUSY!  I did miss another day, March 20th. But I have a video from that day.. but I can not import it from my iPhone without it turning sideways. Oh well....

Silly Tongue Face

Having a snuggle with Grandma Julie's Blankkie.

I caught a yawn!

What is THIS Stuff?

You mean I climbed up the stairs and now I have to go DOWN something? What's the point.

Chalking the driveway

Playing with bubbles

Wild Grass Stomper!

A little confused about colored pencils

Liam LOVES Hot Wheels cars!

Working on his knife skills, butter knife and banana!

Drawing a town on the floor

I just loved this angle

A little lazy baby/doggy time.

Where is Daddy's Nose?

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