Monday, February 18, 2013

January 23rd - February 18th

Playing in blankets
Being a big help and handing me the wipes
Having a little bit of a hard time letting go of his high chair
Helping me open up beans for dinner

Contemplating shaving cream

First time bowling! He beat Dan by 5 points!
This box gets smaller all the time

Loving his Nym

Drawing pictures while his friend talks to Evie

Orrin and Liam at the park

Helping me groom Nym at the Pup Scrub

Having a pre-bath blankie snuggle

Wild, crazy, messy... but still my cutie pie

I don't know where he even sleeps when he does this on his nap times!

A smile of glee, as he sits down HARD on mommie's tummy while she was trying to work out on the floor

That's my Liam!

Bath time with Lightning

What do you mean I shouldn't stick my fingers in the fan?
Trying on the milk box

Having a blueberry muffin on the kitchen floor


Valentines Balloon!

Proving that Valentines is all about the chocolate, and the cute toys.

Decorating a cookie

Showing off his big cars to Evie

On a walk with Grandma Ecca

at the Portland Aquarium, being a frog

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