Friday, May 3, 2013

April 6th - May 3rd

This is what I got when I asked for a smile!
Two for today... fun at the gym
and super fun with best friend Orrin
tickle time!
they are so very much alike
Checking out the fish on the day we got them.
sitting in the wagon while I was getting ready to plant some seeds in old milk jugs
very carefully looking at a geode with a flash light
Evie was drying off in the old baby bath and Liam really wanted to come sit with her
batman foofs dandilions
he insisted on wearing the shirt a second day, he was being batman on the couch!
he still wanted to be batman, but I put my foot down on three days in the same shirt.
I thought the blocks were supposed to be in the bin, not the boy!
Being a little bossy and trying to show Evie how to play with her toy.
still entranced with wheels
starting work on a puzzle
proud that he figured out how to climb into the hammock on his own
chalk and sticks and grass and bare feet, spring is here!
contemplating freeze dried fruit
Liam in a box
measuring his book
encouraging Evie to climb stairs
his dirt hole in the yard
the look he gets when he does something as I am asking him not to do it. Like picking up the watering can so he can make a big mud puddle
nighty night time with dada
see? all brushed!
he has me by the skirt and will not let go
look mama, I bringed you dirt!

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