Friday, August 16, 2013

July 21st - August 15th

Showing off the peas he grew from seeds!

Getting ready to learn to swim

Reading Brown Bear Brown Bear

Talking about how to swim with Dada

Hanging out watching some TV

Being extra cautious at the park today

But I'm not sleepy mama! 

This was a fun moment. Sitting in the little slide, eating a home made pretzel, pointing at a bird on the fence.

Reading Little Blue Truck


Liam and his "surf board"

Watching Dada mow the lawn

Sitting in the dirt at the duck pond

sun washed little boy

Lazy time on the couch

Bumbo hat!

Helping me water the front yard

Playground fun

Silly guy being silly

Not feeling so well

Still a bit under the weather


No mama, don't take my picture! I'm eating my chocolate ice cream! 

Contemplating Evie's new toys

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