Tuesday, November 25, 2014

October 14th - November 25th

showing off the bracelet he made himself (yes, he even sewed on the button!)

it was a busy day

getting into the baby powder

got out the duplos again

puddle walk

playing pretend

cookie crumbs and attitude

every child who has ever come to Great Grandma Delight's house has played with this scale. When I was little, it was very entertaining to me as well!

serious and sleepy

a long hard day lead to a long hard nap

chasing the waves

watching tv

helping me scoop out a VERY big pumpkin

totally sleepy

too busy with a new coloring book

getting ready for halloween

Peter Pan!
Playing with a good friend

apparently Transformers are a bit confusing at times

making some silly faces

getting belly raspberries!

Really reading a book, he can sound out so many words now!

being silly while making some crafts

looking for the moon

a quick game of Uno Moo

jumping off the curb on a windy day

trying his best to make a snowball

sad face because dinner wasn't pizza and ice cream

so happy to be with his cousins

Liam and Grandpa reading a story together

blooper Christmas picture

snacks and tv... kind of zoned out after a long car ride home
How he can look this good after flopping down on the couch is beyond me!

his new coat is a smidge too big for him!

dada snuggles

the "I don't want to eat my broccoli" face


trying to make mama feel better

being a little grumpy guy

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