Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26th

So maybe its not "good" to post a picture of my kiddo when he is sick, but The Daily Liam has always been about sharing Liam with his family. The good, the gross, the bad, the mad, the loud, the messy and now the sick. I only took two pictures of him today, this one and one after it where he looked even more miserable. He didn't like the flash and didn't want to even sit up and pretend to smile.

This is Liam today. I hope tomorrow he will be back to his normal sunny self. He spent 3 hours laying on his daddy's tummy, sipping a little water and he did eat some fried rice with peas and corn and ham. Just to be on the safe side he got a PediaSure in his bottle before bed for all the vitamins and nutrients, which made it look like I was giving him chocolate milk in his bed time bottle! But you know, sometimes when you don't feel good a little sweetie will make it better.

I've seen that face a few times when I am feeling icky!

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