Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 27th - 29th

Liam got sick. He was not feeling so well and we think we found the cause, he bit his sucking thumb and it got infected. So now my poor baby has to have his thumb all wrapped up and he can not even have the comfort of sucking it. He doesn't want to eat much and he is cranky and sad.

The antibiotics are working fast though and it is healing up nicely in just one day after seeing the doctor.

Second day of being sick. Still having fun though!

At the urgent care center. He stayed in good humor up until the doctor had to wrap up his thumb, after that he was ok again. Even at hours past his bed time and nothing fun to do.

Snoozing on Daddy. Poor little wrapped up hand! He is taking it all very well though. I am proud of him!

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