Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 11th - 29th

Liam reading his book to Evie. He was talking about the characters in it.

Decorating the tree

Wild and fun playtime on the couch with Dada and Mama

King Liam in his Plastic Castle

He had a very hard time not getting upset when I was wrapping gifts, so I would take one of his cars and wrap it up in a loooong strip of paper and tape it like crazy and then wrap as many gifts as I could in the time it took him to unwrap the "gift" for Liam.

A shopping trip to Target involved a Liam who refused to ride in the cart and who climbed on everything he saw.

Helping mama peel an eggplant. With a spoon.

At the new Portland Aquarium

Making a mess

Liam had a very hard time keeping his hands off the presents under the tree.

On a playdate, Liam found that the girls had Cars toys and that was all he would play with for the rest of the time there.

Trying to see if I was right when I told him he would not fit in Evie's swing.

A puppy snuggle
At Christmas Eve Morning breakfast
Opening his gifts from his family on Christmas morning.

Helping me undo the screws on his music box

Being brave enough to pet a goat at the Festival of Light at The Grotto

Having a story time with Grandma Ecca and Evie

Washing his hands all by himself after I bought him a step stool. He was SO happy that he could reach the sink.

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