Monday, December 10, 2012

November 30th - December 10th

Having a popcicle after falling down and getting a split lip. The cold was to make it feel better, and as a distraction.
At the park
Liam and mama built a tower!
Wondering if he has enough Hot Wheels. Answer? Nope! Never can have enough!
Making gifts to send for Christmas
Liam is starting to play pretend and re-enact things he saw happen. Here, Air Mater is flying just like he did in the cartoon.
We visited cousins and Liam found their plastic snowmen had a little hole in the back just right for hanging ornaments on after he pulled them off the tree.
More fun with boxes!
Liam wanted to walk backwards to the car. In the rain. In the dark. When it was cold. Of course....
I needed an easy nap time, so for the afternoon I turned his bed into a Nap Tent with a quilt. He loved it!
Having a lazy evening watching some TV. Mama is sick and pretty low on energy so this works just fine!

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