Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18th 2011 - Cow Licks

Today was a weird day. Liam is now walking like a pro and has been tearing around all over the place. No need to worry about an exercise plan anymore, I have one! Toddler chasing will be the new fad routine soon.

But in the morning light that came through the window, my son managed to tilt his head to the side and brush it on the couch just enough to make his cow lick stand up like a little fan of ultra fine baby hair. As captured with my iPhone. 

I also spaced on the fact that my camera charger was plugged in to a socket on a switch and the switch was OFF. So no battery. By the time I had the battery charged Liam and I were out the door and going to the Doctors for a mystery rash on his nether regions that was NOT a basic diaper rash. The diagnosis? "I have NO idea what that is!" from TWO doctors. The treatment - anti fungal and anti yeast medications slathered on under a liberal pile of diaper cream. At least he seems totally fine with the whole process and had fun practicing his walking skills in the waiting room while I trailed behind him keeping him from tripping on people, tripping people, licking the windows and trying to poke other babies.

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