Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 22nd - 24th - A trip to the park, and the country.

We went to the park and Liam climbed the stairs to the slide and I helped him turn around so he could go down on his tummy. I thought this would be a safe way to not have him fall down the slide. He turned himself around next time he went up and then tried to climb UP the slide! He really enjoyed the park.

The next day we left early in the morning to head out to Willamina OR and see my friend Bev and our friend Michelle who was up visiting from CA. It was sort of last minute because we only had 24 hour notice that Michelle was going to be coming by. Liam enjoyed the front yard and picking clover flowers.

And then in the morning we had biscuits for breakfast and Liam fed most of an entire one to the dog, Bear. Bear quickly learned that Liam was a good source of food, and hung out with him. To his credit, Bear would NOT take a bite from Liam's hand until Liam was holding to food out to him and had his thumb out of the way. They shared a moment together on the floor before we headed home. It looks kinda like a smell my finger moment, but who can blame Bear when the baby smelled like buttery biscuits.

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