Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19th 2011 - The Wild Liambeast

"And here in this cage we seem to have captured the swift moving and playful Liambeast, known for throwing peas, shrieking loudly in glee at various things and being the chaser of house cats everywhere." 

We did some shopping for puppy things today. Liam really enjoyed playing in the kennel. He would crawl into it, shut the door, crawl out of it and then shut the door behind him. At the pet store he saw many dogs and laughed when he saw them. He reached for them and babbled at them. He becomes animated in a way I rarely see when he is just with people, each time he is around a dog. It just told me that getting a dog now is going to be worth the added responsibility.

I know that having a puppy will be a lot of work, it will require training and dedication and patience, but I want the benefits that having a dog will bring. The joy on Liam's face, the playmate, the friend as he grows up. The idea that having a dog from a young age can reduce allergies later in life.

I think the positives will far outweigh the negatives. It will mean more cleaning up after another critter, but I think I can handle it.

I can not wait to have pictures of Liam playing with his little buddy.

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