Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 25th - 28th Tomato, park, yakisoba, picnic!

Liam has had a very busy weekend!

He tried some tomatoes and was not to excited about the idea. This is his "oh, ugh, what did they put in my mouth?" face.

We also did a trip to the park with Daddy, and the two of them went down a big slide!

Liam got his first taste of japanese food with some yakisoba and gyoza. He had a good time and liked the food, but he was unsure how to eat the noodles. He tried very hard to get them in his mouth.

And this Sunday was the family picnic that my cousins mom Barbera puts on every year. Lots of kids, fun and oodles of jell-o based desserts and some other fun food. Liam found the water spigot and some squirt guns and empty cups to play with. This was AFTER playing in the dust, then turning the dust to mud and get totally filthy. It was a perfect summer day!

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