Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3rd 2011 - Science Room at OMSI

Today was our once a week outing as a family. We decided to head out to OMSI while the entry fee was something we could afford without thinking too hard about it. Liam had a good time seeing some of the exhibits and then we headed up to the toddler play room and WOW that was great!

Liam got to see things like wavy mirrors, balls that went shooting up tubes with air, an air stream that kept a ball suspended in air, he got to play in a mock tree and wear a little chipmunk vest. But the cutest moment was when he discovered the bells. Dan found them and brought Liam over to them and showed him how to wiggle them. Liam lit up at the jingling noise and was so full of joy.

I want to go back there every now and then as he grows and can explore more aspects of the museum. And I can not WAIT to show him the Planetarium for the first time and go to an IMAX show!

We have more pictures from the trip on Facebook.

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