Monday, August 22, 2011

August 18th - 21st -- Parks and Baths and Bowls

So, I am getting lazy with the Daily Liam. I will try to update it more frequently! I have been changing a lot of things lately and I am having to remanage my time and reset when I do things.

Liam was enjoying a little snuggle time on my tummy while we played. He likes coming over to me when I lay down and climbing on me. I guess if you think about it, every mammal crawls on their mom and dad. Or for the sea dwelling ones, does something equivalent. It is sweet and all, until he tries to crawl on my head and I get a diaper to the face.

Liam is learning a bit more about how life works, he now tries to dry his hair with the towel and he also brushes his hair (kinda) when he gets a brush. It is so sweet to see him try to do things on his own.

Liam loves the sound of his voice and loves finding ways to make it sound different. This was in the sun room which echoes enough on its own, but he also added a plastic bowl and ran around yelling into his bowl and holding it onto his head.

Yes, this is the same outfit, but a different day. That last picture was taken before bed time when I had JUST put it on him and it was hot and he wore it as pajamas. They were clean enough in the morning so I saw no reason to change him since we were just going to go get dirty at the gym and then the park. He doesn't care, and its one less thing for me to wash.

We spent a good hour at a new park our renter Darcy showed us after a little bit at the gym. There is a toddler sized play area with no hugs gaps in it, a smaller slide and some ABC play boards. Liam climbed up the stairs and debated going down the slide, but decided that he would go down the slide on the other side after he climbed up it.

I will have to make a park day in our schedule. He had so much fun there. Though he did take off for the big kid playground and got mad when I said no, we are not going down the much steeper and much bigger slide!

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