Friday, August 12, 2011

August 9th - 12th - Cousins and Blueberries

Cousin Preston came back to spend some time with us before heading back to Colorado. He needs to come back to live in Portland!!! Liam showed off his Giant Cardboard Box!

The next day we met up with Nichole and her girls at the Japanese Gardens where Liam walked ALL over the place with them before stopping to rest on the bench.

 Liam and I went to pick blueberries with Grandma Ecca (That's Rebecca in baby talk...) where Liam discovered where his favorite berry comes from and learned how to eat them right off the bush!!! He ate so many blueberries that day, at one point giving up on picking them from the bush and just grabbing them out of the buckets. He had so many that the next day he did not want to eat ANY blueberries! I hope this changes, because we had 12 pounds of blueberries. Some of which we just made into jam....

And some of which got made into blueberry pie the next day, which I think passed the test of Yummy to Liam!!!!!

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