Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 13th - 17th - Fun times and crackers

This last week has been crazy. My mom was in town and we ran around all over and did so many fun things! It was good to see her.

We had some lazy moments in the days... Somehow I see this happening in 13 years with a video game in one hand and a Mt. Dew in the other hand. 

We went to my cousin Alexis' graduation party. Hope she doesn't mind being called a cousin, she just about is!!!! Liam played in the garden there and had a grand time with a wind chime.

We played outside on my birthday, where Liam decided to see what dandelion fluff tasted like. He was amused.

Liam and Nym played hard and napped hard as well. This was in the middle of some paper towel destruction action.

And today I must have left Liam's highchair too close  to the shelf, because he grabbed his shoe and began merrily stuffing it with whole wheat ritz crackers. You can not see the crackers, nor the pile of crumbs I shook out of the shoe moments later.

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